Valula Group Oy acquires majority holding in Steel-Kamet Oy

Valula Group Oy has acquired additional shares in in Steel-Kamet Oy from Jokilaaksojen Rahasto I Ky, a fund managed by Teknoventure Management Oy. Following the acquisition, Valula Group Oy’s ownership in Steel-Kamet will exceed 92%.
Steel-Kamet Oy specializes in the planning and implementation of demanding investment projects for the concrete and processing industries.  The company’s service and product selection includes concrete plants, belt and screw conveyors, heating systems, mixers, silos, filters, electrification, and process automation. In 2011, Steel-Kamet Oy’s turnover was 7.5 million euros, of which exports account for about 30% and are directed mainly to Russia.
Valula Group Oy is a family company based in Kalajoki, Finland. The company has been a partner in Steel Kamet Oy since its foundation and has slowly increased its ownership in the company, which before the sale was 40.5%.

“After a few difficult years, Steel-Kamet Oy has started to grow steadily. The aim is to increase its competitiveness to ensure that it is able to offer larger and more diverse service and product packages to its clients”, Steel-Kamet Oy’s Managing Director Jaakko Mäkelä explains.

“Steel-Kamet has a very skilled workforce and its products are rated very highly by its customers. The company’s business operations offer us plenty of interesting opportunities for growth”, the Chair of the Administrative Board of Valula Group Oy and Steel-Kamet Oy Jari Ainali says.

“Valula Group aims to turn Steel-Kamet Oy into a significant international operator in its field by systematic development work. The company has excellent opportunities to succeed in new market areas”, explains Jarmo Ainali, Valula Group Oy’s Managing Director and a member of Steel-Kamet Oy’s Administrative Board.

Additional information:
- Chair of the Administrative Board Jari Ainali, Steel-Kamet Oy, tel. +358 (0)50-5581085
- Managing Director Jaakko Mäkelä, Steel-Kamet Oy, tel. 0+358 (0)400-173541
- Managing Director Jarmo Ainali, Valula Group Oy, tel. +358 (0)44-7546437
- Investment Manager Mauri Visuri, Teknoventure Management Oy, tel. +358 (0)40-8657946

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